What a season!!!!

Sammy says it all…..PHEWWWWW….. What a season!!! So glad to be getting back to normal or whatever normal is:)

Finally coming off Sammy’s basketball season….great season for the team too!!! Now we have a few weekends to paint, deal with the cars, and relax a little. Just in time for Spring Break though….may take off to Sunriver for few days with the kids. Looking forward to some days without eBay or sewing!! Just some down time!!!

As for sewing, I have a new pattern that I just got that I going to improvise and have fun with! Doing a few orders for Sammy’s friends and a new one for her as well! I have also decided that I might as well get back into sewing for myself too….maybe you will see a new skirt on me soon:)

Oh, this last picture was last Monday night at 6th street grill….Ben is on the Mr. Lancer team and all the boys got to serve dinner to the public and were paid to do silly things….my camera didn’t take great pics inside that evening except this one of : me, judge Pat Straube, my mom, and Sammy.

And then I threw in a picture of Adam, me and Ben at one of Sammy’s games!!

Well, need to save more blogging for another day:)


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  1. Shannon says:

    your off to a good start, love it!!!great pics!!!check me out by clicking my name.

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