I have been so impressed with all the bloggers I have come across this past week. Creative writers, beautiful seamstress’s, and some just plain artsy people out there! It has inspired me to start sewing and creating a business for myself.

What amazes me more is the amount of stay at home mom’s that make their business’s work!! I wish I could have been this ambitious when my kids where young!!

So, now I am in a new season of life….boys off to college…and more time with my middle school daughter (but now she is more into her life of school and friends than Mom:(). I want to be available for her as she needs me and to guide her creativeness too. Hopefully bringing out the sewing machine will intice her to make something.

I also have more time for running! This I am enjoying!! My husband has taken up running after so many years of being anti-running:) He just went out the other day and did 9.5 miles!! I am so glad to see him doing this for himself, because I know how much he misses coaching the boys and being involved in their sports.

Well, if I am going to get anything done today I better get going! More blogging later!


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