Lives of three women

This past two weeks, our community has lost several women to sudden deaths. Three which have touched my life in some aspect or another.

A friend from several years ago that I knew when our boys played baseball died suddenly from a brain aneurysm. She left three young teenagers for their father to finish raising. She was an anchor in their lives as well as her friends. Fiery yet caring and giving. Listening to her children speak of memories of her and what made her special spoke to me never give up in raising my children when I am frustrated. To look at more of the positive in life than the trials.

An acquaintance of my daughter ended her own life as well last week. Life obviously became too hard to bear in her 17 short years. How ever hard life is, is it worth putting others through this kind of punishment and sorrow? Have had many talks with my daughter about this tragedy and loving her more than ever through all the emotional hormones and drama of each day. Never give up on my daughter who at times wants nothing to do with me.

What would it be like to live 101 years? A dear lady from our church passed away leaving memories of her getting around the neighborhood in her motorized wheelchair. From Church to the store to a weekly yoga class, nothing would slow her down. Her life was full and adventuresome. Yearly she would fly to Tennessee for the Blues Jazz Festival and to see family and then be right back at church fellowshipping with her other family who have only known her several years around the coffee table. Never afraid to smile even though she has lost most of her teeth in her later years. Raised three children and managed a masters degree in botany. Never will I give up on life and enjoy each day until the Lord takes me home as he did these three women.


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