Trust, Perservere, and Love

New years brings new thoughts and goals for me. I have a friend who picks a new word each year to use in her life as a goal for the year. I think for the past several years I keep picking Trust and as was thinking on my run this morning that I need to add more to Trust! With Trust comes comes the Perseverance of following through with Trust. I can trust that God will provide, but am I doing my part in following through with what He gives me…work, ministry, and family? Am I persevering when I don’t “feel” like doing the same routines over and over, or when I am overwhelmed with all that I have to do in a day? Am I persevering when I know what God will provide what I need? With Trust and Perseverance needs to be Love. How can I do these things without Love for God and those around me? As I learn to Trust God for provision, and Preserve with the knowledge and resources He gives me, I will Love Him and others more truly.


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