Weekend at Gold Lake

After a few bumps in the road, long drives down dusty roads in search of the perfect campground we came upon Gold Lake (down a simple 2 miles not so dusty road)! Our intention was Cresent Lake, but every camp site was filled! Even the first come first serve ones! After seeing where we had planned to camp….dusty and too close to the other camp sites, we checked a few others before stumbling onto Gold Lake. 2 miles off the highway in a perfect wooded, quiet setting.

This is going down a road for who knows how long to find a road block…no campground:(
But here is coming into Gold Lake….

and we are all happy campers now!!

Even the birds are happy!

Picture of my great Aunt…circa 1960 (actually, just my niece Elissa).

Ben and Sammy

Elissa and Drew

Ben with his new glasses.

Sunset through the trees.

Drew and Adam Chillin around the campfire.

Drew with the really “big” marshmallows.

Game night and Meteor showers:)

Jeff, our water boy:)

Good morning Sammy!

Creek behind our campground on our last morning of a perfect camping weekend.


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