Flowers, Birthdays, Labor Day weekend, Purses and Aprons….O my!

I am going to miss Summer this year! I love my yard and all the wonderful new flowers I invested in this year. My Hibiscus I am going to bring in this winter and see if I can keep it alive:)

I didn’t know that Lobelia comes in so many different forms and colors. This one is my favorite!

Sweet 16 to my daughter, Sammy!!! I can not believe that 16 years have past and she is this grownup teenager!!! Soccer, friends, school and basketball consumes her these days. We spent the day shopping for clothes in Portland and especially loved the Buffalo Exchange on Burnside!!!

Family dinner!!

Back to sewing and earning a little extra cash I hope soon. Trying my hand at aprons and messenger bags!!!

And last but not least, our trip to Prineville for Sammy’s birthday with Jeff and Ben welcomed us with a finished home that my Dad and his wife built. 4 months to completion!!! Needless to say, they were a little anxious to get out the 5th Wheel trailer they has been living in for 5 years!!

I love the kitchen (of course), and all the beautiful cabinetry. Not to mention the amazing view of several mountains, which I did not take pictures of:(

All this to say, it is Fall now and time to settle in and focus on projects at home and family life! Happy Fall!!!!


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