Photo albums and scrapbooks

For most of September, I have been scrapbooking and redoing our old photo albums that are more than 20 years old. They have been falling apart, and it’s just time to get caught up.

After a couple of weeks of papers, stickers, and photos all over my sewing room, I decided scrapbooking is NOT for me! Sorry faithful scrapbookers. But I am loving the online photo books! Especially Hotprints! It’s easy and the quality is not bad for free (4 free a month).

My second favorite is Mixbook. I think you can get a free photo book when you sign up.

Couple of favorites are: Shutterfly. I especially like their photo cards for Christmas. Cute and Classy!!

Snapfish is where I recently bought a photo book of Adam’s school days….preschool through high school.

Anyway, it’s been lots of fun and has been moving along quicker than Scrapbooking!!!

Here are a few of my favorite photos that I have come across that I want to share:)

Skittle Snowman! 


Kindergarten 1993 


First day of Preschool for Adam 1992

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