Bittersweet day


After the run!!!!

Starting the day at 9am with a 13.1 mile run with friends and my husband has been the highlight of my day. Glorious fall weather despite the forecast of rain. Jeff met me about mile 6.5 to help me carry out the rest of the run. His praises and positive comments kept me focused to the end. And it’s so worth the run when you have your running friends cheering you on as you come in the finish. Thank you girls!!!

Davina, me and Gretchen before the run:)
Beautiful weather at the finish!!!

But as soon as I got home, I found out that a longtime friend of ours went to be with the Lord around 10:50 this morning. Suffering from Scleroderma for many years was very ready to be with her God.  I know her family is sad but relieved for her that she is not suffering any more.

Good reminder that our lives are short and I know that I need to enjoy everyday all that God gives me.


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