My Purse Giveaway

I am giving away a one of my messenger bags to motivate me to start sewing again. This bag is great for all occasions…school, library visits, travel and just every day use.

Wonderful Vintage fabric from the 70’s sets the character of this roomy messenger bag. Lined with organic cotton canvas.

Two deep pockets: front is divided into 2 separate compartments and is 8″ deep. The back pocket is the width of the bag but 11″ deep

16″ deep from top to bottom
14″ wide

Strap: 20″ and fits nicely over your shoulder and across the front of you.



There is nothing new in my etsy store at the moment so I need some ideas from you!  You can check out what I have made and sold in the past at my Feedback.


To enter this giveaway, please do the following:

1. Leave a comment about what you like in your favorite purse/bag. Color, style and pattern.

2. Also, leave a way I can contact you at the end of the giveaway too!


This giveaway will end January 30th at 6:00 pm.

Good luck!


25 Comments Add yours

  1. Kay B says:

    Love purses in blue (as blue attracts money so I am told). Recycling vintage materials used by done by my Mum – loved to make aprons, purses, baby bags before they became popular – hobby horses (soft head & a cut down brush handle). She was always looking for ideas for her beloved “Sale of Work” for charity.

  2. Megan says:

    I like straps that I can wear across my body so I can have both hands free! Thanks for the giveaway. It’s an absolutely fabulous bag!


  3. Jingle says:

    This is really cute! I like function! A phone pocket that I can get to from the outside, an inside pocket for my wallet/change purse and other useful pockets and such. I love function!

  4. Sabrina says:

    I like a medium sized bag with lots of pockets, so I won’t lose things in it. I like neutral colors or red or green. That purse is adorable!

  5. Jessy B says:

    Love this bag!!!! My favorite thing in a purse/bag is that it be big enough for me to tote around all the random things (glasses, wallet, candy, kindle, coupons, etc.) that are necessary to my survival!

  6. Melissa H says:

    Well, I love designer, or vintage cotton fabric, and I like my bags to be hands free (over the shoulder) and big enough for a binder, so I can carry books in it if need be. Thanks for the chance at winning this 🙂

  7. Em says:

    i like my purses big, with a shoulder strap long enough to go around my body. and i like functional colors that dont get dirty, like brown!

  8. Tracy says:

    I like bags that are vintage and comfortable.Crazy patterns work too!

  9. Karen says:

    So cute! I like my bad that has enough pockets to help me stay oraganized.

  10. R.Mueller says:

    Free Spirit Brown and Aqua Market Purse or Tote Bag. I freakin LOVE that bag…love love the aqua color! Awesome work!

  11. Heather J says:

    I love this messenger bag. I like bags that hang across my body and have LOTS OF pockets. I’ve got 3 kids and I like to have one pocket per kid to keep their collectibles in. An extra large pocket to fit one diaper in would be great, too!

  12. I love bold colors but mostly the bag has to be functional, not a black hole that swallows everything up. I want an outside pocket for my keys and my cell phone has to be easily accessible too.

  13. Lorie Smith says:

    I really like the style of this bag, I also like “hobo” style bags too…so adorable! I would love to win this bag. 🙂

  14. Liza says:

    I like a bag that adds some “character” to an outfit (bright color or design details), and that has a strap long enough to wear over my shoulder.

    Thanks for the chance to win!


    ejm6x (at) yahoo (dot) com

  15. Kashena says:

    I really like bags that have a good structure to them – bags that hold their own whether they’re chock-full of books, lipgloss, whatever, or empty. I also think it’s great when they’re brightly colored – giving a pop to my general blue-jean and black-shirt/dress wardrobe…

    konecki (at) gmail

  16. Julie says:

    I am a pretty basic person so if it has a design or two that’s fine.

  17. Randi says:

    I actually really like the purse just as posted! But in general, vintage prints, a hint of red, and roomy and functional make my perfect bag!

  18. Mary T says:

    I like a great medium sized colorful bag with lots of pockets inside and out for my little treasures!

  19. caitie says:

    Gorgeous! I like a bag that is sturdy and light! This looks beautiful! Thanks for a great giveaway! 🙂

    ** Hear my music at! **

  20. I really like organic fabrics, but that’s not a must. For colors and fabrics, I love earth tones with a splash of something vibrant (like chocolate brown with turquoise). I do like patterns, but I prefer if they aren’t too loud. I like japanese flower prints, prints with cute little animals on them like owls or tiny elephants, stuff like that. Whimsical!

  21. Oh yeah, my email address is etherealiss at hotmail dot com. Sorry!

  22. katie ollmann says:

    I love a bag big enough to hold my wallet, a book and my large camera, so i dont have to carry multiple bags. I love the hobo style or one with handles large enough that i can through it on my shoulder if i need to. I love colour and often pick unique purses.

  23. Jolee says:

    I love leather, but I also love retro, boxy, NOT too small. Handmade is WONDERFUL. This is really cool too. 🙂 joleehamlin [at]comcast [dot] net

  24. Kim says:

    Love purses in blues and browns, with vintage flowers! Love the messenger style!

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