Loving life

Bella has learned how to jump up on the couch now and has a new favorite spot to sleep…right on the arm of the couch! Now 3 months and maybe a whopping 10 pounds, she has quite the bark but a very soft and sensitive side to her. Even Annie is learning to live with her now:)


Sammy recently had a Winter formal dance and I love the pictures that one of the parents took! Can’t believe she is half way through her sophomore year!!!



It’s February and we are actually have threats of snow this week after such a beautifully warm first part of February! Bella got a taste of snow flakes for the first time this week!

And finally, February has been a long and emotional month for many of us in the South Eugene community after losing two Senior boys two weeks ago. Tonight was Senior night at the boys basketball game and Connor was honored with his parents and his brother being there tonight.  I think most of us who have witnessed this heartbreak would say, that we need to live life to it’s fullest.

Enjoy our families despite all their flaws and issues and love them unconditionally.


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