New recipe every night of April!

Ok, I am very tired of the same old recipes that I have used over 26 years of cooking for the family….time for throwing out the old and bringing in new fresh and healthy dinners!!!

I have already been doing this for a week, but my goal could be new recipes  for the rest of the year (with a few repeats of the families favorites)!


Last night we had Chicken Escabeche with cilantro (minus this for most members of the family) and black beans. It was simple and tasty! Most of these new recipes will be coming from all my years of subscribing to Sunset magazine.   Putting them to some good use now!!


So far, the family favorite of the week is: Chile and lime steak tortas.

These were super easy and very filling….adding a Carrot Salad with Honey, Cumin and Cilantro. I think I like this even better than my friend Trish’s….sorry Trish:)

I will keep you posted weekly what the family favorite is of the week! Happy cooking!!!



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