Birthday’s and Rainy day fun!

It is May? Right? Actually almost June tomorrow….wow, where is the sun?? I think it’s made a few appearance lately, but not much for Ben and Arden’s Birthday celebration.

It was a good day with some family and honoring Arden and Ben!

At least all this rain is encouraging my yard to grow and brings in a visitor occasionally.

It was a beautiful morning for the Born to Run Challenge and was Bella’s first running/walking event!!!

Ending the month with a visit with my brother, Justin who just moved to the NW, we attended the NCAA Track Reginal event at Hayward on Saturday.  A soccer game at Thurston that Sammy was playing in too.

Braving wind and drizzle we also thought it would be fun to go to Sweet Cheeks on Sunday….beautiful view!

All to say, the rain isn’t go to keep us in anymore! Time for summer to start!!!


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  1. kt says:

    True to the Oregon spirit – get out there and have fun rain or shine. I love the photo of you and J at the end. Very cute!

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