Summer wildlife

You know its late summer when the wildlife has shown up in our yard.

Sweet little babies too….although they grow up to eat my hostas, roses and sedums!!!

Today we had a unusual caterpillar  show up on the deck.  Bella saw it from inside the house and was barking until we took a look at!! Still not  positive what it was, but looks like a silk worm type. Thick hard texture on the outside (so Sammy says, because I wouldn’t touch it), blue little antenna and spots.

To end on a cuter note, this week my little guy that I watch decided Bella’s kennel was the best place to play and keep Bella company as she slept. This just shows you what a great kid-dog Bella has been these past 9 months!!

Lastly, while typing this blog, Bella has been bugging me to play with her so she got her mousy for me to throw around.  Now, finally tired she has fallen asleep with her favorite toy still in her mouth.  It’s definitely a dog’s life!


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