Summer’s final days.

Recently I took a walk up the ridgeline trails and realized I had not done this enough this summer. Such a perfect walk in the evenings. Beautifully quiet and serene, and with a little hint of fall in the air.

And as the summer comes to an end, that always means it’s time for Sammy’s birthday…her 17th this year and a junior in High School. We celebrated by going up to Detroit Lake and stayed at a friend’s rental.  A warm and smokey filled weekend from the Central Oregon fires still allowed us a lot of time on the lake as well as games at night with the family!! And of course, celebrating  several summer family birthdays too.

Garden is looking tired as it usually does at this time of the year, but still producing some great color!!!

I can’t end a blog with the latest picture of Bella who now is 10 months old and loves still being outside whenever we open the door (although as I am typing, I honestly think I saw a mouse out the corner of my eye, going down the hallway!!!!!!!). Ughhhhh!!  No more open doors and I going to teach Bella how to be a mouse dog!!!!

PS….I did see a mouse…..he came back down from the hallway!! Bella still didn’t notice!


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