This is not Autumn

How do people in Maui feel the seasons change? It was Halloween a few days ago, yet I feel like its the middle of summer. A few random carved pumpkins here and there with lots of little kids dressed up going to the mall to trick or treat was the only reminder that it was Halloween day when we landed here.

I won’t lie though. Waking up to the sounds of the waves crashing right out our lanai is amazing. Taking a swim or morning run before eating local fruit from a produce box delivery service I found is a nice change of pace. It’s day two…..starting t relax….

Yesterday we were determined to find a nice beach with sun….just a few rain clouds passing over since Monday night. Found a great beach to relax and boogie board.

Family is out shopping….I need some quiet time. Adam saw sea turtles right out front of our condo during his morning swim. Looking forward to checking that out in a few minutes. But glad to have time to contemplate time with the family.

Great dinner out last night after the afternoon at the beach! Traditional Hawaiian style food….lots of pork or beef, rice and a few sides that we had to ask about:) Perfect warm evening for an outside dinner at the Aloha in Lahinia. Tonight…bbq on our private beach area.


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