New treat!

Yesterday we discovered Hawaiian ice….this is not just ice and cheap flavor either! It’s wonderful ice cream on the bottom if you want, cream on the top, nuts, and azui beans too! Ululani’s is the place!! Very friendly and so tasty!!


Coconut, Leche – topped with sweetened condensed cream & cream mix – included.

Then we strolled down front street in Lahiana and checked out the shopping….beautiful day by the way again:)

Oh, and Jeff had a little run in with the locals too……you wouldn’t want to see his eye under those glasses! Honestly, the other day at a beach and couple of hours of mastering the boogie board, he took one more ride and one of the biggest waves of the day pounded him under with a face plant on the sand. Needless to say, we felt we should check out the South Kihei Urgent care…xrays…no fractures:) Just a nice black eye and few abrasions.

Sammy finally got her coconut too! This is all she wanted to get here, other than seeing the turtles:)


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