Our Annie Girl

Annie. Born on our anniversary, January 19th 1998. Our sweet puppy is gone and we will miss her very much. She had a very hard week and really been struggling for a month or so with pain. None of us were ready to say goodbye to the dog who loved to chase our kids  when they were young.  Her appetite for socks thankfully never ended up with a visit to the vet nor her love for chocolate.

Her recent best day was  a week ago when I took her and Bella to the dog park. Acting like a puppy for some reason, she was running and chasing Bella with no pain that she had been enduring on and off for years. It was a memorable day. She was getting used to Bella and protecting her from the other dogs. Finally, they were friends.

Thank you to those who have taken care of Annie when we have left town on vacations. She was well loved and our family will miss her!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Harriet says:

    Always a tough, tough time. I’m glad you have Bella to comfort you.


    1. saratogarose says:

      Thank you Harriet. Bella is a blessing right now despite her chewing up Christmas presents:)

  2. Teresa & family says:

    We will miss Annie’s happy face looking down at us across the street & her thick, soft coat that we loved to hug. Elvis will miss the “barking game” that he & Annie were so good at when others walk by. Bella will learn that game well as El shows her the “ropes”. Good memories of a good friend.

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