New Year, new adventures and many things to be thankful for!

When  you have lived in the same town for 46 years, married to the same man for almost 27 years and  in the same house for 18 years one might consider you way too stable.  Thinking about these very stable areas of my life gives me lots of comfort and thankfulness as we slip into 2012 without the world falling apart as predicted. Stability might be boring to some and I have many of those moments over the years. But this morning I am still listening to Christmas music with all the decorations around me…enjoying the season finally that seemed so rushed before the 25th  and realizing I have a new year ahead of me with many possibilities of new adventures.

2011 was filled with much sadness of lost lives of those we loved. Part of life that is hard to deal with some days. But I am looking to new adventure #1. Live each day with forgiveness and love for others. #2. Taking a risk to rely on others sometimes. #3 Travel more. #4 Knit more…very new adventure for me. #5 Take time and better care of myself.  These may seem like New Year resolutions, but I like to look at them as adventures with a challenge. I am more motivated by challenges.

Thank you 2011 for a beautiful trip with our kids.

Thank you Annie for many wonderful years!

Thank you Bella who keeps us warm and active in this new year to come.

Happy New Year to all you who have taken time to be our friends and family this past year!

Jeff and Malinda


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