Going to the Chapel…gonna get married…..


This was a cake made for my husband 27 years ago. At the time I may not have liked the humor, but over years of kids, disagreements and basically living with a hormonally unbalanced wife, I now understand and kind of feel for Jeff. This poor man wakes up each day, not sure knowing what creature he is  married to for the day! No wonder this cake says it all!!

All jokes aside though….27 years is quite an accomplishment and it’s taken both of us  to get this far with a huge amount of help from God! We  have endured  annoying idiosyncrasies, sickness, injuries,  financial strain, family drama, kid drama and more! But when it comes down to it all, I wouldn’t trade anything for what we have. He has faithfully loved me  through all my ugliness, my lack of faith in him and God at times, and my discontent in not getting my way all the time. He has given me freedom to do the things I like and not feel threatened. He has taken care of me and our family without too much complaint. We have honored our vows through sickness and health and much more but could always do better. I am very thankful that God brought me a faithful, loving man who loves me no matter what!! I have a lot of making up to do and hoping we have more years together to show him my love.


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