Food from scratch February!

Ok….I am on a new kick! Making what I know I can make from scratch instead of buying it. And I don’t have that much time on my hands as some of you have claimed:)

Today was applesauce! Forgot how easy this is and I don’t plan on canning it this time. Just eating it.

6 apples peeled,  quartered and cored

few tablespoons of water



I put the apples, Cinnamon and a little water  in a microwave glass dish with a lid and cooked on high for about 10 minutes or less.  Then I scooped the apples into my food processor and “pulsed” my mixer until I had the right texture. I prefer chunky so it didn’t take long. Put a little honey in as I transfered it to another container to store in the fridge and Viola!

This is my new favorite No Knead Bread! This blog has a great tutorial of a 4 year boy making this bread! It’s awesome!!

Last is my favorite new food to make from scratch now and it’s so easy!! Yogurt!! No longer am I paying $5-7.00 for greek yogurt!

Happy Simple Living has this easy and perfect recipe!

More later on other fun recipes…..Dog treats and granola…mmmm! Happy eating!


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