Happy New Year 2013!

Now that I have had a little time to think back on the busy holidays, I contemplate how to really enjoy the moments. I love every moment spent with family and friends! Meals, games and renewing old relationships is a moment. Taking lots of pictures helps me to capture the moments all over again.


Decorations are still up minus the tree which looked like a tooth pick project by Christmas Day….note to self: wait until at least two weeks before Christmas to set up the tree. I truly enjoy each decoration because they are filled with memories!

Getting the tree was the most fun with the family this year…no rain helped the outing even more topped off with hot chocolate on the way home and a chili dinner waiting for us.



This one below was made by my grandmother:) Each ornament was made, given or bought by those we love. I especially love the handmade ornaments from our children over the years.





Fun moments with the cousins, making cookies and toffee and just eating around the table.

Christmas Eve was a calzone dinner…wished I taken a pic:) it was so good!




Games with the grandparents and uncle and opening of a few gifts completed our evening. Sammy loving her new pj’s was my highlight! I finally got a gift right for her!!

Christmas Day was filled with 13 of us for gifts, breakfast and a wonderful dinner.





I especially love this picture of Ben that my brother captured! He’s not my little boy anymore:)

What’s a holiday without a testing out a new game!


And of course a bella and nugget pic for all of us to enjoy!

Hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s Eve and many blessings for the year ahead!



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