Football, birthdays, holidays and some snow!!

I’m a sporadic blogger that hits the seasonal highlights. So since I’m waken by thoughts earlier than I would like, I’ll extract some memories from the past season.

We started the fall in Bend celebrating Sammy’s 19th birthday. My baby is not this old, right? Biking and some deep conversations in the hot tub with my kids was some of the highlights. Beautiful weather and a waterfall find sealed the weekend.


As if there isn’t enough football around this household, we traveled to Ridgefield to watch my nephew play his first and last year of high school football.

20131204-081013.jpgAnd had the double pleasure of seeing my niece in the marching band.


Season of birthdays are coming to a close for a few months…Nicole’s and then Adam’s…is he really 26? I think I am in denial about my kids growing up..


As football season ended with a win over the Beavers’ we celebrated Thanksgiving up north. Had some much needed time spent with the Trautman family and time for reflection over the year.



December has started with no decorations just yet but with a holiday potluck spent with a special friend. Forecast ahead is for cold crisp weather, chance of snow and a trip to find a Christmas tree. Thankful for the little things in life.

Update: it snowed 8 inches yesterday! Love this weather!!





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