Winter hangs on.


Can’t believe it was two months ago we had our big snow storm and now going through another this week. This has been a full winter of snow, fog and cold! Has it really been a month since Christmas? My how this month has dragged and spring feels far off.

Very thankful that work is a good distraction from the mundane weather and routine chores of home. I am blessed to work where everyday the staff and patients are a joy to be around. This job has been a challenging change in this new season of my life even though and yet it seems to fit me so well.


I challenged myself with a run up the butte one foggy day. Look what I found at the top? Sun and warm air! It was a much needed escape out of the socked in valley.


When will spring come this year? Not very early that I can see. So in the mean time, I am learning to find joy in any weather knowing that this life here will not last forever. And to take a few lessons from Bella to live for the brief sunny moments in this life.



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